Lahana takes the cleaning Campaigns an opportunity. This is the aspiration and desire of the Society. And lahana is very happy of this campaign.

Besides Thambahal, cleaning kirtipur and Kathmandu valley crossed the mind of Lahana. This was because cleaning only thambahal was not enough, the dirt were all over the kirtipur and cleaning kirtipur alone was not enough because whole kathmandu was filthy.

Lahana has the mechanism for managing or sanitizing the waste of whole world, 24/7 and 365 days because its motto is “Lets know, recognize and remember the depth of nature’s gift”. It works, 8 hrs per day for cleaning through different motivated team. M.D. of Lahana Mr. Raj Man Manav has his last wish of dying while cleaning. Manav vows to carry his cleaning-broom till his living and would not put his brush aside on any condition. He would carry his broom on to his graveyard. This suggests that how deep and motivated lahana is in their goal and in aspirations.

Furthermore, Manav also has to say that It was also from that day when a member from a house of Kirtipur has to come out from his home and has to clean the periphery of his house on every marg 9 from 2067 , we are into the phase of world sanitation campaign. And this is continuously going on and will go on and will never stop.


We all know that Few places on earth have become ugly because of the human activities. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and African countries like Senegal, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon are the dirtiest countries in the world. To make those countries filth free is one of the constructive works. If we search for the reason why those countries are being so dirty? OR Why that this world is so ugly of filth? Then the answer is, because of the indifference of the people, and the tendency of people that they always search for easy way regarding management of wastes.