Lahana is the best food adventure. Baffling, remarkable amazing….. it is Newa chow. Located in the western face of historical hill of Kirtipur, Lahana provides intense beauty of Traditional food with sublime scenic beauty. The food that elaborates the vivid image of glorious history.

NewaLahana Investment Company Public Limited, was Initiated on 2063 B.S, Bhadra 22. It was inaugurated through the wise hands of Century Personal, Three times Madan Puraskar possessor, Satya Mohan Joshi. Needless to say, Newa Lahana is one of the Most Happening hub in capital town. You can Be proud, because you have eaten food stuffs whose names none of your friend has ever heard before. And lahana provides it. In here, The taste hence is so deepen in tradition yet enrich with modern vibes.

Literally, Lahana means civilization. But much intricate meaning pose the questions like, how Newar people has lived?, what are the things used in house, what do they eat to survive, what and how do they talk?, what do they take to their fields? With what instruments did they use to manage their life from ancient times?

Those things are at least portrayed by lahana.  Lahana has, up to their own knowledge or from their own investigation or by their own observation tried their level best to elaborate those ancient ways of life of Kirtipur and as a whole Newar ethnicity. While visiting here in Kathmandu and the newar settlement, Lahana says, we are trying to introduce the original taste of the newa culture as much as possible . Lahana thinks, recognizing the identity of Kirtipur can be done by discerning the culture, environment, and geographical structure of Kirtipur.

Yes,  food makes a man happy so, Lahana is the place to be happy. But if i only conclude this than it would be half true because lahana is also the place to be amazed because Lahana gives more than it takes. It now  has motto of  social welfare. Lahana family consist of 76 members. Lahana was established with the thought of Admiration to those who does better.Right now, Social economic self dependence campaign is the commotion of Lahana..

The major Goal of lahana is to manage the society. It has the aim of world sanitation agenda. For 10 year continuously each from four lahana member has flounced the 12,773 sq ft of the public area of Thambahal of kirtipur. In the social economic self-dependence program, Lahana does a lot of work like maintaining the damaged roads, sanitation and overall community works. Though everyone has the same aspiration or wish of community management but there is no good schooling. It took 14 years to give way or to remove the confusion or lost directions. And since now and then it has been betterment.

Nevertheless, Lahana sells franchise. Its franchise is functioning in the cities like Butwal and Pokhara.  Certain percent of the surplus are invested to the same community where its franchise is operational. NewaLahana also has the Social value promotion, such as of dress, monuments, and heritages and so on.

And obviously Yes, giving satisfies souls. If you want to be satisfied with soul, be the part of social work, Lahana incorporate. Just Be humble and Modest because you are in lahana.