Newa Lahana originated in the place called Thambhal of Kirtipur. Thambhal has 76 houses,and 12,773 sq ft of public spaces. But Now Thambhal is developing into Lahana. 99 of the people are affianced by lahana and more than dozens activities are being run from here. Bakery, grocery, currier shops, distributing free lunch to old people, lahana bachat etc are some of the examples. The things deficient or lacking are also managed here.

As Lahana also decides to develop themselves into a social pathshala, ( aninstution of original newa Culture) it has the clear motive of social implementation. It grants employment to the person from each family of Thambhal. It provides regular sanitation program for community health.this is deliberately expanding to Kirtipur, and to Valley and going international as well.

Keeping Kirtipur as a focus group, Lahana targets community development, infrastructure development, Social Awareness program, And overall promotion of society. These programs are expanded along the Kirtipur. Interesting to know that for the community built up, there is a Lahana Samuha rather than any other mahila Samuha or others.